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Planning for a Child’s Future: A Workshop on RESPs

We all love our children and want them to lead successful lives but, with the cost of living today, it can sometimes seem impossible to afford college, university or apprenticeship programs for them. Don’t despair… it is possible and we can help show you how to do it! Townshippers’ Association is one of many organizations across the Townships that is partnering with Actions interculturelles de développement et d’éducation (AIDE) for a Registered

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The Brome-Missisquoi Carrefours Culturels Tour Project

In recent months, Townshippers’ Association has been working with all of the producers in Lac-Brome to form the Brome Lake Arts Coop. It is this coop that will run the Carrefours culturels de Lac Brome project, organising events in conjunction with the other Carrefours culturels of the region. The opening of the Brome-Missiquoi tour, a vernissage which took place on October 15, featured an art exhibition by La Bohème at Galerie Knowlton. This

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Cultural News from Brome-Missisquoi

Sunshine Theatre Productions Tour Again! Sunshine Theatre Productions will tour again this fall, presenting their play “Ourstory” in locations throughout the Townships. Based on the lore and memories of local Townshippers, Ourstory tells the tale of a prospector who, like the Ancient Mariner, is doomed to wander for some unknown reason and “tell” his story. Ourstory includes a trans-border brothel, Queen Lil’s, the Party Line Murder, the

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Make Way for YOUth!

Now being the year 2011, many new, fun and exciting things exist in this HUGE world of ours to make it a better, more amazing, interesting and exciting place to live. Speaking of which, Make Way for YOUth Estrie is just one of the many things that are magnificent in this world! The time to be young in the Townships has never been better, due in large part to this project and the wonderful efforts of its migration agent and the team at Townshippers’

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What’s New in Expressions – Part Two

As the weather gets cooler in the autumn months, we start to think about what’s soon to come: shorter days and longer evenings, cold, snow, winter…and the holidays! If you are beginning (or continuing) your holiday shopping this October, be sure to take a moment to browse the Townships Expressions collection on display in the Townshippers’ Association offices… you might just find the perfect gift for someone on your shopping list! In last

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