Bursary Applications

Montérégie-East students in the health and social services fields, applications for the McGill Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program are now available through Townshippers’ Association.

Created by the McGill University Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project, the Bursary Program, which addresses the need for bilingual health professionals, awards bursaries to students from selected Quebec regions, with English and French language skills, who are pursuing full-time studies in the area of health and social services.

There are two categories of awards available:

Category 1 is for eligible students who are studying at an institution located outside their home region. Bursary amounts are awarded based on students’ level of study with up to $10,000 at the university level and $5,000 for cégep/college and secondary school vocational training.

Category 2 is for eligible students who are studying at an institution located within their home region. Up to $5,000 is awarded for University level students and $2,500 for cégep/college and secondary school vocational training.

All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to Townshippers’ on or before May 20, 2016. Students are responsible for ensuring that their applications are complete and that all required documentation is submitted before the deadline.

To receive the correct application form and its accompanying guide, contact Townshippers’ Community Information Coordinator, Evelina Smith, at [email protected] or call 819-566-2182 (toll-free 1-877-566-2182). Information can be found on Townshippers’ career and employment website, Topportunity.ca.

Health Matters; Memory Disorders

Almost everyone has a lapse of memory from time to time. You can’t remember where you parked your car or you forget a name. Do we just accept memory loss as a normal part of aging or is there something we can do?

The next Health Matters session will focus on giving you tools to better understand and take charge of your brain health on Friday, April 8, from 10 am to 12pm, at the CLSC in Cowansville

During this free session, held in English with a complimentary light lunch, nurse Gisèle Coziol will provide information on what to look for when a memory problem occurs and how to determine when, in fact, it is time to worry. Learn how the brain works, causes and types of disorders affecting memory and what you can do to help your mind stay sharp.

Coziol has been working for many years with seniors in various roles such as community worker and technician in cognitive evaluations. Now a nurse in a long-term care facility and working as a trainer for the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, she has also worked in different memory clinics and in a hospital geriatric unit.

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Published: About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Photo Credit: Townshippers’ Association

Photo Caption: Earlier this year Rachel Hunting, Executive Director Townshippers’ Association, was pleased to present Farnham resident Michèle Giard $10,000 towards her physiotherapy studies through the McGill Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program. Townshippers’ is accepting applications for the next round of bursaries. Students must apply by May 20, 2016.