Make Way for YOUth!

Now being the year 2011, many new, fun and exciting things exist in this HUGE world of ours to make it a better, more amazing, interesting and exciting place to live. Speaking of which, Make Way for YOUth Estrie is just one of the many things that are magnificent in this world! The time to be young in the Townships has never been better, due in large part to this project and the wonderful efforts of its migration agent and the team at Townshippers’ Association, all of whom are working hard to help young English speakers re-locate to the Eastern Townships, find work and get settled in the region.

At this point and time you may be asking yourself: “What is Make Way for YOUth and how can it help me?” Well, there is no need to worry because all the general information about this unique project is provided to you in this article. “Read it up”, take notes and enjoy!

What is Make Way for YOUth?

Make Way for YOUth is a project that serves the English-speaking community of the Eastern Townships and the goal of the project is to encourage young people to become more interested in, connected to and involved in, the English-speaking community of the Estrie region. More precisely, the Make Way for YOUth project helps to ensure that young people are informed about the advantages and opportunities of living in the Eastern Townships and to facilitate their integration into the English-speaking community. The Make Way for YOUth/Desjardins migration agent, responsible for the project, works toward this goal by offering project participants personalized individual support services. She also plans Discovery Days weekends that allow newcomers to experience the region and all it has to offer. In addition to these two very important responsibilities, she is also in charge of updating the Make Way for YOUth section of the Place aux jeunes website and participating in the development of (and carrying-out of) activities for teenagers.
I’m sure by now you are jumping out of your chair due to excitement and asking yourself, “How do I get in contact with the Make Way for YOUth/Desjardins migration agent and where can I find more information?” Well, there is no need to worry; read on to find out just how you can become involved in Make Way for YOUth.

How Can I Participate in Make Way for YOUth?

Just get in touch with us and we’ll give you more details about the project, or check to see if you fit the criteria for project participants (just for your information, participants must be 18-35 years of age, students or graduates of a post-secondary institution and interested in learning more about the Estrie English-speaking community). Here are three simple options to get in touch with us:
The first option is to visit Townshippers’ Association’s internet site,, as there is lots of information provided about Make Way for YOUth (and also about the other services provided by Townshippers’ Association) on the site.
The second option is to call the Association at 819-566-5717, or toll free at 1-866-566-5717.
The third option is to stop by one of the Association’s offices, located at 257 Queen in Sherbrooke or 584 Knowlton Road in Lac Brome, to see for yourself the kind of amazing atmosphere that exists in the Eastern Townships English-speaking community, or to meet directly with someone who will try and answer your questions, or refer you to the correct person. One thing’s for sure: there will always be staff members with a smile, ready to greet you in a friendly and respectful way. Just come see for yourself!

The time to shine in life is now and we young people should not waste the moments we have, as they are taken from us too fast. Get involved in Make Way for YOUth and become part of something good and new, right here in the Townships. This is your chance to be involved, and the choice is up to you. What better opportunity could there be?

By: Gayle-Ann Rumsby, in collaboration with Michelle Lepitre

Publication: About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Oct, 2011