Memories Are Made of This (ID 471)



 Ann Mitchell’s

Memories Are Made of This

This 80-page book contains a collection of paintings by Township artist, Ann Mitchell. Each artwork is complemented by a story of the work which enlightens the reader about Ann’s work and deep connection with her subject matter.

As we reflect on family life, memories often become a sort of visual pastiche.  Sunny days at the dock overlap with rainy-day games indoors, soccer balls fly across freshly mown lawns, and beloved friends wave hello from the creaky old station wagon that will hopefully last “one more year.”

These are the stories we hand back and forth to each other over the years, weaving together a shared tapestry to cherish and pass on to younger generations. They are the stories that Ann Mitchell has been preserving — with equal parts paint, passion and expertise — for the families that lived them.

Ann’s paintings transcend time, often depict­ing family members at various ages in their lives. You might spy yourself as a small child playing in the garden, while your wedding takes place on a nearby lawn. And who is that climbing up the forbidden stone wall or sneaking a pie as it cools on the windowsill? Only a careful eye and those in the know can answer.

And, of course, Ann. But she’s not telling, leaving only her brush and your own family to tell the tale.”

Ann’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums, and many currently reside in private collections across Canada and the United States. These paintings join the imagined with the real to create stories and record family histories. When asked if her work has changed over the years, she laughs and notes that her newer work perhaps depicts more whimsical situations, but that her paintings continue to focus on memories of family life. Ann still lives and paints in her beloved farmhouse, “Windward,” in North Hatley, Quebec, where visits from her children and grandchildren add enormous pleasure to her life.