Townships Expressions, The Perfect Gift!

Are you coming to visit the eastern townships this summer? Maybe you know someone coming to see the sights. Whether you come for the trails, heritage sites or even the amazing food don’t let yourself leave empty handed! If you’re looking for a souvenir or even a great gift the Townshippers have you covered. Take a look at these fantastic books about the history of our great region and more, all at Townships Expressions.


Knicky Knocky

Knicky Knocky, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, was settled in 1836 with immigrants from England and Ireland, including my ancestors, the Parsons.  There were no more than 20 families living there at its peak.
My children, and now my grandchildren, always enjoyed me telling them stories about my childhood growing in Knicky Knocky. They suggested that I should write the stories down for future generations to enjoy, which I have now done.

The book contains a collection of 57 of these stories, each illustrated by photos and images. Some of the most popular stories are: Dale’s Pet Rabbit, The Famous Bear Cubs, Clash of the Titans (Kenny Herring and Bruce Kerr), Willard vs the Sawmill Workers, A Generous Friend (Wayne Martin), The Fortune Teller, “Taking Care” of Barry’s Hens, Those Tough Doughertys, and Who did you vote for Doris?


Dew Drop Inn

This book is a compendium of candid recollections of a unique Eastern Townships instuon and of the remarkable couple, Ken and Susie Fraser, who birthed it during the Great Depression and nourished it for more than 60 years. Cookshire’s Dew Drop Inn was many businesses under one roof – country inn, general store, restaurant, gas station, taxi, beauty parlor, gift shop and sign painting. But more than anything, it was the town’s main anglophone gathering place where townsfolk came to learn the latest news, to hear Ken’s stories or to admire Susie’s latest handiwork. Although the Dew Drop Inn has long since le! the local landscape, a multitude of memories remain.


The Heart Of The Farm

A History of Barns and Fences in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Since the late 1990s, photographers Louise Abbott and Neils Jensen have traveled thousands of miles in the Eastern Townships of Quebec in their quest to document the remnants of the historic agricultural landscape in the form of barns, fences, and silos. The Heart of the Farm showcases over three hundred and fifty of their evocative photos, along with more than fifty rare archival images. The book also features an engaging and enlightening text by Abbott that traces the evolution of barns from log to steel and the evolution of fences from wood to wire.



Georgeville Press is delighted to announce the publication of Memphrémagog: An Illustrated History / Une Histoire illustrée (Volume 1) by Townships author Louise Abbott. This beautiful, bilingual coffee table book is 308 pages and is richly illustrated with 175 reproductions of historical photos, paintings, and maps as well as ninety contemporary photos by Louise Abbott and Niels Jensen. The retail price is $50.00, and the Memphremagog Conservation Incorporated (MCI) will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales!