Women Invited to Participate in Ovarian Cancer Screening Research

The Royal Victoria Hospital’s Detecting Ovarian Cancer Early (DOVE) research project has been working to find ovarian cancer as early as stage 1. In order to further its research, DOVE needs more women to screen.

Ovarian cancer is called the “silent killer” because, in early stages, symptoms are vague and non-specific. Of the 2,600 Canadian women who will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, 1,700 of them will die because the diagnosis comes in stage 3 or stage 4.

With the world’s first Rapid Access Diagnostic Center in Montreal, DOVE aims to achieve lifesaving earlier detection. In order to give their findings credibility, 100 women in stage 1 need to be diagnosed, and to find the 100, they need to screen 14,000. To reach these women, the DOVE team has satellite clinics around the island of Montreal, including one on the south shore in St. Lambert.

Because ovarian cancer is usually detected during or after menopause, women over 50 who meet the eligibility criteria will be “fast-tracked” to receive diagnostic testing when they contact the DOVE Diagnostic Center. No doctor referral is needed and women are seen within two weeks of making the phone call.

“There has been significant progress with early detection for other cancers like breast cancer, skin, cervical and prostate,” Dr. Martins from DOVE states, “but in over 30 years, ovarian cancer detection hasn’t progressed at all. And there’s a misconception that pap tests will screen for it, but it doesn’t”.

The goals of the DOVE project are important to the community as a whole, and for the future.

To find out more about the project, eligibility criteria and clinics where testing takes place, contact Kate Murray at 450-242-4421 or [email protected]

Thank You for Giving

Thank you to all those who came out to the benefit performance of ‘They Came From Away’ on February 22 at the Théâtre des Tournesols in Cowansville. A wonderful night was had by all and over $1,000 was generated to help support our youth retention programs.

If you didn’t make the show but want to lend your support to the association and our projects, we encourage you to become a member today by signing up online at www.townshippers.qc.ca or contacting Evelina Smith, Information & Referral Coordinator, at 819-566-2182 (1-877-566-2182) or [email protected]

The association also accept donations which can be made through the Townshippers Research & Cultural Foundation. The registered charity accepts earmarked donations online through http://townshippersfoundation.ca or by cheques mailed to Townshippers Foundation, 100 – 257 Queen Street, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1K7.

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Publication: About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Feb 24, 2014

Photo Credit:  Townshippers’ Association

Photo Caption: Thanks to all those who joined us in Cowansville on February 22 for the benefit performance of ‘They Came From Away.’ A portion of proceeds from the night will support Townshippers’ youth retention programs.