Your community radio show revamped

For many years now, Townshippers’ Association has recorded a regular show on our community radio station, CIDI 99.1FM. It has been a pleasure, for those of us who work in the Lac-Brome branch office, to interview our partners, as well as community members, on topics that span from the rights of the user of the public health system to literacy, mental health, theatre productions, cultural events, and so much more.

Yet, as health and social services, and arts and culture agents by profession, we have concentrated less on our performance as radio hosts and more on the information we wish to disseminate. After some discussion, bubble-bursting and an enlightened awareness, we sought the help of Devon Jolander, radio host of HOT CHAUD on CJLO 1690AM, and wasn’t it fantastic! Devon was a wealth of knowledge and he gave us a condensed, yet hugely inclusive, training workshop; now, we are really ready to hit record!

We are prepared to deliver all of the important information that you have become accustomed to hearing on About Townshippers’, while letting you glimpse into what we, as members of your community, are thinking and how these events have or will affect us; not to mention the games and amusing anecdotes that will ensue.

We’re excited to put into practice our new approach of marrying information delivery and entertainment. Not lost in this excitement is the acknowledgment that theory is more easily understood than implemented, so the work has only just begun. That being said, our attempts to restructure our show may be just as entertaining as it unfolds until we figure out how to do it properly. Tune in and join us on our journey to radio proficiency!

Catch About Townshippers’ on CIDI 99.1FM Friday’s at 12 p.m., and if you miss it, catch a repeat on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

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Publication: About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Photo Credit: Townshippers’ Association

Photo Caption: Townshippers’ Association’s Maggie Severs, Emily Prangley Desormeaux and Kate Murray (not pictured) are ready to deliver a new approach of the weekly About Townshippers radio show on CIDI 99.1FM.