Important Notice: School Board Elections Nov 2

Voter turnout for school board elections is historically low and the provincial government is currently evaluating the need for school boards. More than ever it is important to exercise your right to make your voice heard on how your school board operates. We encourage you to read the important information below to better understand how to ensure you are on the correct voting list. 

The Role of Commissioners:

The members of the council of commissioners exercise their functions and powers with a view to improving the educational services provided by the Education Act and by the basic school regulations made by the Government. To that end, the role of the members of the council of commissioners includes:

  • Informing the council of the needs and expectations of the population of their electoral division or their sector, as part of their contribution to defining the school board’s directions and priorities;
  • Seeing to the relevance and quality of the educational services offered by the school board;
  • Making sure the school board’s human, material and financial resources are  managed effectively and efficiently;
  • Carrying out any mandate entrusted to them by the council of commissioners, on a proposal by the chair, for the purpose of providing information to the other council members on any specific matter. (Source: ETSB)

Are you on the voters list?

Approximately one month prior to polling day, the Returning Officer of the school board will mail a notice to each address on its electoral list. Anyone who finds an error or an omission must come to the Board of Revisions to have the error or omission corrected. The Board of Revision will sit during the period from October 2 – 14. This means that Tues, Oct 14 is the last day to make changes or get yourself on the voters list.

School Taxes vs the Electoral List

It is important to note that paying your taxes to a school board does not automatically add you to that school board’s voting list. In fact when it comes to paying school taxes, by default this tax is paid to your local French school board. You must specifically ask to pay these taxes to the English school board. Request forms are available at the ETSB head office.

Parents with children registered in either school board automatically pay their taxes to the board their child is registered with. However, in the case of English school board registrations, once their child turns 18 years old or graduates, they are automatically placed on the French school board list.
When it comes to voting, by default many voters are placed on the French school board list and must request to be changed to the English list.

Not sure if you are on the electoral list? Contact the Director General of Elections at 1-888-353-2846.

In order to exercise your right to vote you must be registered on the ETSB list of electors and meet the following conditions on polling day:
– be 18 years of age or over;
– be a Canadian citizen;
– be domiciled on the territory of the School Board;
– have been domiciled in Quebec for at least six months;
– not be under curatorship;
– not be deprived of your election rights;
– be registered on the electoral list of the ETSB.

As with all elections, persons wishing to vote must identify themselves by giving their name and address and by presenting one of the following documents: health insurance card issued by the RAMQ; driver’s license or probationary license issued in plastic form by the SAAQ; Canadian passport issued by the Government of Canada; any other document issued by the Government.

For more information or to ensure you are on the English school board list, contact:

Returning Officer Pauline Lazure
819-868-3100 ext. 55204
[email protected]

List Of Candidates

Find out who is running for each ward on the ETSB’s website 

Employment Opportunity

Work for the upcoming school board elections. This paid position ($16-$18) includes one hour of training and takes place at polling stations in the following locations: Ayer’s Cliff, Cowansville, Granby, Lennoxville, North Hatley, Stanstead and Waterloo. See below for more details or click this link.  Travailler aux élections _Pub