september, 2019

05sepAll Day13octDécharge | Jonathan Miron-Roy


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Jonathan Miron-Roy, Décharge, photographie, 2019

VERNISSAGE Sunday September 8, 2 -4 pm

The artist photographer favors a performative approach to the creation of images at each  stage of the process, similar to a musical composition. In this series, moments of life captured at different times, create a mystical bridge, a supernatural poetry thanks to their invisible links with the human and territorial imaginary.

According to the theory of Carl Gustav Jung, founder of analytic psychology, the elements of the world, people and events are connected to each other by invisible threads that shine sporadically. He has named the precise moment when this link is revealed: synchronicity. It reveals the link between the human being, his surroundings, the conscious and the unconscious. The artist creates images where the coincidence of things is discovered through photography. In order to discover these moments, we must go beyond rational thought and let their mystical, ghostly and poetic character manifest themselves through photographs.


September 5 (Thursday) - October 13 (Sunday)


Arts Sutton Gallery

7 Academy Street


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