Townshippers’ Guidelines: Promotional Materials & Logos

Townshippers’ Association enjoys working with a variety of partners across the region throughout the year. To help the Association increase public awareness of what we do, maintain our branding and respect the various funding agreements and contracts in our name, it is important that all partners, volunteers, and staff follow the requirements outlined below. Please familiarize yourself with this document before producing any material that includes the Association’s branding. All materials bearing Townshippers’ name and/or logo must be approved by the Association’s Executive Director, communications personnel or Office Manager prior to dissemination. A minimum of TEN (10) business days are required for each request. To expedite the process, please take note of the information below or download and review Townshippers’ guidelines by clicking the button below.


*If you experience difficulty downloading, email [email protected] to request a copy of this file. 



The association’s official name is Townshippers’ Association. Use the full name of the Association where it appears in your materials. If the Association is mentioned more than once, use the full name in the first reference and simplify to Townshippers’ [not the Townshippers’] in any further reference. The Association may also be used, but the name Townshippers’ should be used more frequently. Be sure to include the apostrophe at the end of the word following the s. [Townshippers’]



Townshippers’ Association’s primary logo (TA Logo) is a sun, mountains and lake above the word Townshippers. Townshippers’ Association’s official logos and wordmarks are reserved for the Association and may not be used to promote non-Townshippers’ activities or imply endorsement. Townshippers’ logos may not be used without the knowledge and permission of the Association. Townshippers’ logos may not be blended or incorporated into other logos without a signed agreement between the Association’s Executive Director and the organization or group involved.



Please do not download logos from any of the Townshippers’ family of websites [,,; etc.] or from any other online sources/search engines, as these logos are both trademarked and of insufficient resolution for reproduction. Likewise, images displayed on our websites are insufficient for reproduction and should not be used by staff or partners

To obtain logos and images from Townshippers’, contact TA’s communications personnel at [email protected]. Include the reason for your request and specify which logo/image you would like to use (include a link to the image in question whenever possible).

When adding the Townshippers’ logo (TA Logo) to a document or promotional materials, the word Townshippers should be legible and prominent. A buffer space equal to ½ of the width of the logo should be used to separate the logo from other graphic elements or the edge of the page.  Type or other graphic elements should not be placed on Townshippers’ logo.


Files & Materials sent to Townshippers’ Association for publication

Be sure that you carefully review your content and send the final product, as well as an editable copy of your document, by email to Townshippers’ Communications officer at [email protected] Include the project or activity name in the subject line. The association can accept a wide array of files including but not limited to, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, PDF, graphics files (jpg, ai, gif, png, psd, etc.) If you submit a file that we cannot open or process, we will contact you.


Copyright Info © 2018 Townshippers’ Association

Townshippers’ produces a variety of print and digital media all of which it holds the copyright to. Should you wish to use any print or digital material produced by Townshippers’, including materials posted via our social networks, you much first obtain written permission from the Association. Please contact the association to process your request at [email protected].



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Updated Aug 2018