Income Tax Service Returns

It’s that time of year when the letter carrier starts dropping off envelopes with strange things inside – T4, OAS, CPP, T4A, NR4 forms. It must be income tax time!

Everyone must file both federal and provincial income taxes, even if you are a low wage earner. If you fail to file, you may not receive, or continue receiving GST and Solidarity payments. For people needing assistance in completing their income taxes, Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec have established Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics. Townshippers’ Association has been offering this income tax service in its Sherbrooke office, located in the Borough of Lennoxville, for the past eight years.

Thanks to the hard work of a number of dedicated volunteers, we are proud to have helped more than 150 people — including students, pensioners and those with low income — file their taxes.  We are also happy to offer the income tax service again this year.

In order to qualify for the service, the maximum amount an individual can earn is $20,000. The maximum amount for a couple or a single parent with a child is $26,000. For each child the amount goes up $2,000 (for example, a couple with three children can earn a maximum of $32,000).

To make use of the service, please make an appointment by phone or email. We will need to speak with you briefly in order to get some vital information to complete your return. People wishing to have their income taxes electronically filed also need to sign a form giving a volunteer permission to file their documents.

To make an appointment, contact the Association’s Information and Referral Service at 819-566-2182 or [email protected] If you need help finding an income tax service near you, contact our Information & Referral Service. You can also contact Revenue Canada at 1-800-267-6999.

Legal Info Service Wraps Up on March 28

Since the beginning of the fall semester, third year law student Dominik Danakas has spent each Thursday at Townshippers’ Sherbrooke office, answering legal questions by phone, email, and in person by appointment.

Although Dominik can not give legal advice, since she is not yet a lawyer, she can provide information regarding any questions you may have about the law such as; do I have to do jury service if I’m on holiday? How is property divided when a common-law relationship ends? Can I get money I am owed by going to court?

This confidential service is offered through the collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke and lawyer Carleton Monk, a Sherbrooke University graduate, member of the Quebec Bar Association since 1984 and teacher of law courses at Bishop’s University Williams School of Business.

Get the answers to your legal questions for free and in English by contacting Townshippers’ legal information service before it wraps up for the season on March 28. Dominik can be reached every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by phone at 819-566-2182 (toll free: 1-877-566-2182) or by email at [email protected].

Hoarding Help in Richmond

Is the reality TV show “Hoarders” YOUR reality (or someone you know)? This Wednesday, the Richmond & Region Community Learning Centre is hosting an educational videoconference titled: “The Hoarding Life – What happens when stuff starts to control you.” Psychologist Dr. Kieron O’Connor will give a presentation and answer questions on this pattern of behaviour.

This free videoconference takes place on Wednesday, February 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Richmond Regional High School. Registration is required to attend. To reserve your spot, call Siu-Min, Richmond & Region CLC Coordinator at [email protected] or 819-326-3702 ext. 24026.

For more information on Townshippers’ Association and our activities, keep reading this weekly Keeping in Touch column in The Record and visit us on Twitter @Townshippers, Facebook and our website Connect with Townshippers’ offices in Sherbrooke at 100 – 257 Queen St. 819-566-5717, toll free: 1-866-566-5717 or Lac-Brome at 3-584 Knowlton Rd, 450-242-4421, toll free: 1-877-242-4421.

Photo Credit: Townshippers’ Association

Photo Caption:  Income tax time has returned and so has Townshippers’ free income tax service to help low wage earners file their taxes.