News from a Cultural Partner: Knowlton Players’ Present Trouble in PantoLand Courtesy of the Knowlton Players

There is something seriously wrong with the Wicked Queen’s magic mirror and Cinderella has been left standing at the altar, waiting in vain for her Prince Charming. For He Whose Name No-one Can Remember, a seriously evil wizard, has invaded PantoLand and all the heroes have disappeared!

Knowlton Players are pleased to present ‘Trouble in PantoLand’ written by Sharon Hulm and directed by Lucy Hoblyn. A cast of 32 adults and young people will bring you a show for the whole family, with singing, dancing and plenty of laughs from beginning to end! Running from November 17- 27 at Theatre Lac Brome (9 Mount Echo Road in Knowlton), the show will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. Tickets for the show cost $15 for adults, $10 for students and $5 for children.

‘Trouble in Pantoland’ is the second British pantomime directed by Lucy Hoblyn. “It takes me right back to my childhood” says Lucy, “every holiday it was a must.” According to Hoblyn, “we chose ‘Trouble in PantoLand’ because it has so many speaking roles, giving lots of people a chance to shine. We also are able to have a cast of both adults and children, which makes it a real family activity! My three sons and husband are all onstage, as are many family groups. We are so fortunate to have the amazing Linda Carey coordinating our costumes. Linda can be found most days teaching in Farnham but in the evening she is at her sewing machine making fantastic creations for the theatre. The ever-busy Laura Teasdale is an actress, singer, playwright, teacher and bookseller, but she has somehow found time to bring her enthusiasm to our production through chorography and coaching. Vesta and Cedric Briggs have also jumped in to give much-needed support with props and technical details. The ‘Original Knowlton Player’ Roger de la Mare is clearing the stage with his truly nasty portrayal of the evil villain. The unsurpassable Michaela Barnes graces the stage as the one and only Wicked Queen and the short but spunky Tristan LaHaye makes his first appearance on stage as the Frog Prince. It’s a true community production.”

For tickets or information about ‘Trouble in PantoLand’, please call 450-775-2393.

Don’t forget: If you are a member of Townshippers’ Association, you can receive a 10% discount off the cost of your ticket for the ‘Trouble in PantoLand’ simply by showing your membership card. If you don’t have a membership yet, or would like to renew yours, call Evelina today at 819-566-5717 (toll free: 1-866-566-5717).

Publication About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Nov 14, 2011