Planning and Resources at the Next Caregivers Cafe

Armed with knowledge it is easier to deal with situations as they arise. Under the theme “Choices through Knowledge – Be Prepared” caregivers are invited to learn about local resources and how and when to use them at the next Caregivers’ Cafe, on Saturday, October 25, from 10 am – 11:30 am at St. Paul’s Church, 24 St. Paul Road, Knowlton.

Caregivers are faced with many choices in daily life; accomplishing tasks, getting to appointments, providing care, and being able to spend quality time with their loved ones and also for themselves. Because of this, we reinforce the need for caregivers to understand feelings and learn techniques for managing time and money. They may also find it helpful to hear of our experiences using various services.

This month we will be discussing available local healthcare resources. For example, what is the difference between 911 and 811? Who do you call in certain emergency situations? What do you need to “do” in emergency situations? When do you go to the clinic instead of the emergency room?

We will also talk about how to be prepared for doctors or clinic appointments, how to use the services provided by pharmacists. What happens when to the health of the loved one worsens how you move from home care with assistance to the stage where placement is needed. We will explore denial. Why do we avoid the topic of illness and death? Why do so few of us discuss Advanced Care Planning? What is Advanced Care Planning?

These are the planned subjects for the Caregivers’ Cafe but the questions and choices of the attendees will guide the discussion. The purpose of the cafe is to help caregivers make choices that will improve the quality of life for their loved one as well as for themselves. We ensure adequate time for people to ask questions and discuss issues. The Caregivers Cafe is open to all and we encourage you to join us to learn what you need to be prepared.

For further information, contact Kate Murray, [email protected], at Townshippers’ Association’s Lac-Brome office at 3-584 Knowlton Rd, 450-242-4421, toll-free: 1-877-242-4421.

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Publication: About Townshippers column, Brome County News, Oct 20, 2014

Photo Credit:  Public Domain

Photo Caption: By sharing information and resource, the Caregivers’ Cafe is reaching out to caregivers and helping them to improve the quality of life for their loved ones and themselves. Open to all, the next cafe takes place on October 25.