Play, Discover and Explore the Estrie for free

Do you know of a young professional who is thinking about relocating? Want to encourage someone to come back to the region? The Estrie is a great place to live, work, and play in, and thanks to the Make Way For YOUth initiative, this March some 10 youth have the opportunity explore living and working in the region for free!

Offered through Townshippers’ Association, Make Way For YOUth (MWFY) takes steps to counteract the loss of the educated young English-speaking people in the region to “brain drain”, through personalized and individual support services, free access to websites and bulletins with local job offers and free Discovery Days weekends. The project is part of the province-wide Place aux jeunes en région’s initiative to counter youth exodus to Quebec’s larger cities.

MWFY is a starting point for post-secondary graduates or soon to be graduates to realize the potential of living in the Estrie. The free Discovery Day activities give them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the region over a weekend.  Young professionals who are ready to enter and thrive in today’s job market will also have the chance to jumpstart their future and begin building a solid network or personal contacts in the area.

Each weekend activities include events for participants to meet and make contact with a variety of local residents who may help to ease their professional and social integration into their new community. They will also be able to experience Estrie’s playful side through cultural and recreational activities!

Described by past registrants as an “excellent”, “amazing,” and “inspiring,” experience, these weekends are all-inclusive and totally free.  MWFY takes care of the food, lodging, accommodations and transportation costs so participants can enjoy themselves and build relationships with other young people whom have the same interest and desire of living in the region.

Save the date!

The next Discovery Days weekend takes place from Friday, March 22 to Sunday March 24, 2013 and will include Val-Saint-François, consisting of Richmond and 18 other communities, and the Sherbrooke area. Jenny Ménard, Make Way for YOUth – Desjardins Migration Agent, is planning a great exploratory weekend which will feature a visit to the Salon Priorité-Emploi in Sherbrooke (March 22 – 23), where more than 1,500 jobs available in the Estrie will be offered.

Invite someone you know to sign up today by emailing Jenny Ménard at [email protected]. Places are limited and eligible participants must be a post secondary graduate or soon to be, between the ages of 18 and 35.

Richmond Videoconference

The Richmond & Region Community Learning Centre (CLC) is hosting a live community videoconference on Wednesday, February 27 from 1:30pm to 3pm titled Learning more about Cancers & Tumours. Given by Dr. Ed Monaghan, former chief of Surgery at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, learn about the abnormal growth that causes benign tumours and malignancies, the behaviour of these malignancies, the components of diagnosis and more. The videoconference is open and free to all.

Are you a knitter? Would you like to share this skill with a young person? Richmond Regional High School is seeking knitting tutors for a class project. Please contact Siu-Min, Richmond & Region CLC Coordinator, at 819-826-3702 ext. 24026 for details.

For more information on Townshippers’ Association and our activities, keep reading this weekly Keeping in Touch column in The Record and visit us on Twitter @Townshippers, Facebook and our website Connect with Townshippers’ offices in Sherbrooke at 100– 257 Queen St. 819-566-5717, toll free: 1-866-566-5717 or Lac-Brome at 3-584 Knowlton Rd, 450-242-4421, toll free: 1-877-242-4421.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Claudia Racine, Agente de migration Place aux jeunes / Desjardins

Photo Caption:  A free all-inclusive weekend spent exploring the landscapes and expanding personal and professional networks in the Estrie region, caused participants of the last Discovery Days to declare the event “excellent”, “amazing,” and “inspiring.”  Registrations are now being taken for the next Discovery Days, from March 22 – 24.