Québec general election 2018 – Info





Shortly before the day of the vote you will receive a small information card in the mail with information such as your closest voting station and the names of all eligible voters in the residence. Additional information can be found on the official website.



1st Oct. 2018 – Québec general election


In advance on

Sep.23-24: 9 30am – 8pm


At the returning officer’s office

Sep. 21: 9am-9pm

Sep. 22: 9am-5pm

Sep. 25: 9am-9pm

Sep. 26: 9am-9pm

Sep. 27: 9am-2pm

Where to find your return local return officer can be found on the official site. Voting in advance can be beneficial for those who won’t be around for the election day or for those who don’t have access to a voting station. Submissions can be mailed, delivered or faxed to your local return officer on the dates and times listed above for those who wish to vote in advanced.



Identification can be driver’s license, Medicare card, passport or armed forces card.

IMPORTANT : (Bring the reminder card you got in the mail.)

1 – Go behind the polling booth. (There will be officials there giving directions)
2 – Mark the ballot paper with your selection, any mark will do.
3 – Fold the ballot paper and return to the table.
4 – Tear off the ballot paper stub at the dotted line and had it to the polling officer.
5 – Place your ballot paper in the ballot box.


Eligibility and useful information :

-Ballot boxes are often set up on school campuses for those 18+, check if your name is on the information card sent to your house. If not you may be ineligible to vote and should inquire as it could be an error.

-Need to be a resident of Canada with your main domicile being in Quebec since April 1st, 2018.

-You can vote from home in advance by contacting your returning officer. This also applies to hospitals and assisted living centers that don’t have polling stations set up.

-If you’re working, your employer is obligated to allow a minimum of 4 hours for you to go vote.

-Bring your kids! At many voting station there are small polling stations just for them. It’s a great way for children to learn about the voting process while they’re still young.


Reasons to vote:

-Expressing your opinion (everyone’s voice matters, every vote counts)

-Providing financial assistance to your chosen representatives (every vote has monetary value)

-The fewer people who vote the higher the likelihood that a minority of people will win as appose to what the majority wants.

-You’re giving up a right that others have fought tirelessly for.


Questions or Comments?

Email:  [email protected]


check out the official Québec election website: élections Québec