Quebec general election 2018

The Quebec general election


Now that the 2018 Quebec general election is nearly upon us it’s our mission at the Townshippers’ Association to ensure every member of the community has the information and knowledge needed to make a sound decision. On October 1, 2018, the Quebec provincial election is to be held that will decide which representatives will hold seats in office. When it comes time to elect, we want to be sure that everyone can vote with confidence. The future rests on your votes!

Youth Vote

A problem that has been plaguing our voting system for years has been lack of participation in the voting process. This lack of participation that’s even more apparent in the younger generation. It causes outcomes that may not represent the majority of the voter population. With every person that doesn’t vote, it increases the risk of letting a minority of people take the majority vote. This isn’t how a democracy should operate. This is why our goal for the 2018 provincial election is to get as many people as possible aware and informed so that they can be apart of our future as a province.

Accessibility and Info

Furthermore, there are those who don’t vote because they don’t know of how and where they can participate! There are plenty of opportunities to vote. From home or on the move, before the official election day even comes around. Check the Info page for more on how you can vote no matter your situation. Every vote counts so find out how to cast yours today. Many people find it hard to vote because they don’t know who to vote for. On our Candidates page, you can find every candidate and their parties in your area! To learn more about upcoming meetings and more check the Events tab. Lastly the official website is useful to find information unique to your postal code.