The Quebec general election: Do you know all the facts?


The Quebec 2018 general election


The performance on the political stage is what keeps our democracy running, but sometimes it’s confusing to understand. With campaigns and ideas going left and right it can be hard to keep up or even know where to start. Don’t worry though, the Townshippers are here to help.

On October 1st the election will be held to decide who we want to represent us. Your vote is important, no matter how little you think it’s worth. The vote of one person in a given area could be the tipping point. If dozens of people don’t show up, the results will be vastly different then the majority might want.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to not voting entirely has always been the younger generation. Whether it be because of time or lack of knowledge fewer and fewer people under 35 are voting each year. There are plenty of reasons why you should and can vote, this October.

To make the process easier and more streamlined and to spread information we at the Townshippers have created a miniature guide for your convenience. Information such as how to vote, who to vote for and even how to get involved can all be found right here! We hope you’ll take to time to learn and get to better understand the election process so you can really make your vote count this election cycle.


Find the full voter’s guide here