Townshippers’ Association Submits Brief in Response to Bill 14

SHERBROOKE, February 07, 2013 – With the proposed legislative changes of Bill 14 threatening to oppress the already fragile English-speaking community, Townshippers’ Association has voiced its concern in a brief filed to the Quebec National Assembly’s Committee on Culture and Education.

Introduced to the provincial government last December, Bill 14: An Act to amend the Charter of the French language, the Charter of human rights and freedoms and other legislative provisions proposes several amendments to Quebec’s French language charter, which would primarily affect statutes and regulations governing the use of language in businesses, educational institutions and municipalities….

Download the full media release (pdf)

Download brief regarding bill 14 (pdf)

For further details on the general consultation and public hearings on Bill 14, visit Quebec National Assembly’s page for the Committee on Culture and Education.