What’s New in Expressions – Part One

Did you know that Townshippers’ Association actively helps to support local, English-language artists by offering them greater visibility and sales opportunities through the Townships Expressions project? Townships Expressions is a collection that includes dozens of beautiful books, unique greeting cards and gift items, as well as music from a variety of interesting local entertainers.

This week and next, we will be sharing information with you, our readers, about a few of our newest Expressions entries. Read on to learn about four of them: the Richmond County Historical Society’s commemorative 16-month bilingual Church calendar, Marie Ori Burns’ “All is Fair” and “Another Name for Canaan” and the upcoming historical book “Even the Owl is Not Heard: David Thompson’s 1834 Journals in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.”

Richmond County Historical Society (RCHS) Commemorative 16-month Bilingual Church Calendar

The RCHS recognizes that one of the most significant changes to the social landscape of the area is the disappearance of local churches, once the cornerstone of our communities. Their commemorative calendar features both vintage and recent photographs of some of the Protestant and Catholic churches that were so important to many people, as well as important pieces of historical information.

The September 2011 to December 2012 calendar features churches including Davidson Hill in the west, Trout Brook in the east, Sydenham to the north and Brompton to the south. Only a few of these country churches remain, while the churches in the towns of the area have undergone major changes. The cost per calendar is $15.

Marie Ori Burns

Marie Ori Burns’ “All is Fair” and its sequel “Another Name for Canaan” tell the life story of a young girl, growing up in Hungary, who eventually flees the hardships of a war-ravished Europe and, after three years as a refugee, travels alone to Canada. In this poignant tale, Marie shares the story – at times sad, but also heart-warming and funny in turn – of the many challenges that young Marika faces with dignity and strength of character: growing up, leaving home and country, finding her way in a new world.

The story told by these novels is a fascinating one, both for those who know Marie personally and for those who are curious to learn more about a young girl’s life in Hungary and her choice to move to Canada.

“Even the Owl is Not Heard”

This first-ever publication of renowned explorer and surveyor David Thompson’s 1834 historical journal from the Eastern Townships was edited by Barbara Verity and Gilles Peloquin and includes illustrations by local artist Dennis Palmer. According to Historical Geographer Derek Booth, “Barbara Verity and Gilles Peloquin are to be congratulated for having added a fascinating and important new chapter to the historical geography of the region.” Set to be officially launched on Thursday, October 6, the book will be available through Townships Expressions in the coming weeks, but can be pre-ordered now.

For more information about these or other works in the collection, please contact Cathy Turner, Townships Expressions Coordinator, at 819-566-5717 (toll free: 1-866-566-5717) or [email protected] Be sure to check next week’s Keeping in Touch column for part two of “What’s New in Expressions” and learn about other recent entries from Nick Fonda, Ann Scowcroft and the Eastern Townships Research Centre!

Free Video Conference Session: Depression

For Mental Health Awareness week (October 2-8, 2011), the Community Health Education Program and Townshippers’ Association will be offering a free, live video-conference session on Wednesday, October 5 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on the topic of depression.

Entitled ‘The Many Faces of Depression’, the presentation will help participants understand how to recognize the signs of depression, its causes and effects. The session is intended for anyone: community members, caregivers or even professionals interested in learning more about this important mental health topic.

In the Estrie region, the video-conference presentation will be offered at the Memphremagog Community Learning Centre, located in Princess Elizabeth Elementary School in Magog (120 Bellevue West). Places are limited, so interested participants should register in advance if they would like to participate. To find out more about the session, or to pre-register, call Pervana Mladenof at 819-238-1285 or Townshippers’ Association at 819-566-5717 (toll-free: 1-866-566-5717).

Publication: About Townshippers column, Brome County News,  2011