Write Here, Write Now

The pen is mightier than the sword they say, and it’s hard to argue when you see how much it shapes our world. Words are the fuel that keeps our social age in motion and writing is a skill that’s useful no matter your age, job or education. Even writing for fun can be beneficial for the mind, so why not look to improve?

Write Here, Write Now is a project of Townshippers’ Association and the coordinators are a group of wonderful individuals doing writing workshops all over the Estrie. Writing is a universal skill and one that’s so easy to improve. The writing workshops are open to all ages and anyone interested is encouraged to come.

Activities include poems, short stories, guided imagery and more, tailor-made for their respective audiences. Unlike other workshops, the coordinators are onsite and happy to help every step of the way. With all the opportunities to learn and improve, free of charge might I add, there’s no reason not to mark it on your calendar.

Write Here, Write Now is a non-profit group just looking to spread the joy of writing with support from the Canadian government. They’ve partnered with Bishop’s University and the Québec Anglophone Heritage Network in order to give you the chance to learn and grow no matter your writing level. So, what are you waiting for? To find out where the next workshop near you will be, check the calendar at townshippers.qc.ca/whwn/